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Pipe Accessories

Piping Support & Accessories

CIS carries a wide range of piping accessories to help with the running and mounting of our piping products. From Hangers and Through Wall Support to Adhesives and Fasteners. Browse our inventory of products below:




This revolutionary modular seal is designed to create a leak-proof barrier between a wall and a pipe line. These seals are particularly invaluable for use while building or designing efficient pipe line projects. Link-Seals come in a range of sizes and materials - each suitable for specific applications.

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Pipe Support

Sometimes an afterthought, pipe support is integral in creating a piping system that is not self-supporting. These support structures are made up of a variety of parts like channel framing, hangers, fasteners, clamps and more. We are proud to represent the Aickinstrut line of pipe support products - a completely non-metal line that offers superior support that will not rust, corrode, or degrade in liquid and chemical exposure. 

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The right solvent cement is key to creating a long-lasting pipe system. We carry various professional and industrial lines of adhesive supplies like primers, cleaners, cements, foams, thread sealant and more. These come from top-notch brands like Weld-On and BOSS Products. Ask about adding this to your order today.

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Almost all liquid carrying pipe lines use a flowmeter to monitor flow and ensure the line is running normally. We carry all Blue White Industries flowmeters - the best meters in the business. See our mechanical and digital models and get a new or replacement meter for your project.

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PVC Pipe Saddles

Saddles allow you to tap into a line and create a new branch off the pipe. We carry both schedule 40 and schedule 80 PVC saddles for various pipe sizes. These are often used on existing lines that require adjusting or diverting. 

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