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Wholesale PVC & CPVC Pipe

We carry a full line of PVC Pipe, CPVC Pipe for Wholesale:


Benefits of Non-Metal Pipe

  • • Does not rust or corrode
  • • Great chemical resistance
  • • Lightweight (Easier handling & installation)
  • • Easy to maintain and repair
  • • Cost efficient materials
  • • Suitable for industrial applications

Plastic and metal alternative piping systems are our specialty. We carry PVC, CPVC, duct, and more. All of which are available in different sizes and specs. Our pipe is used for industrial projects across the world for everything from chemical processing plants to laboratory vent systems. These pipe and fitting systems are all non-metal and are cost-effective choices for their application.

In addition to selling standard pipe, we also offer perforated pipe in some materials. A requirement for many jobs, perforated pipe comes in various specifications from holes of different diameters and spacing to slotted pipe. Ask our product specialists about your perforated pipe needs in your quote request, and we'll do our best to accommodate you!

Browse our site to get an idea of what we specialize in and contact us today for assistance in ordering just what you need.

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