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CPVC Duct Pipe - Large DiameterOur CPVC duct and duct fittings are available in sizes from 2” to 24”. Rolled CPVC pipe is available from 22” to 30”. Why use CPVC for your duct system? CPVC has great impact strength and fire resistance. It also can be used in applications requiring a higher temperature, up to 200°F. It's extremely cost effective and easy to install.

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Product details: High impact strength & fire resistance, high temperature rating of 200°F, Lightweight, Available in sizes up to 24" (extruded) and 30" (rolled).

Part # Size O.D. Wall Std. Length  
1833-PP-02 2" 2.375" .154" 10ft or 20ft
1833-PP-03 3" 3.5" .216" 10ft or 20ft
1833-PP-04 4" 4.5" .237" 10ft or 20ft
1833-PP-06 6" 6.625" .187" 10ft or 20ft
1833-PP-08 8" 8.625" .187" 10ft or 20ft
1833-PP-10 10" 10.750" .187" 10ft or 20ft
1833-PP-12 12" 12.750" .187" 10ft or 20ft
1833-PP-14 14" 14" .187" 10ft or 20ft
1833-PP-16 16" 16" .187" 10ft or 20ft
1833-PP-18 18" 18" .187" 10ft or 20ft
1833-PP-20 20" 20" .219" 10ft or 20ft
1833-PP-24 24" 24" .250" 10ft or 20ft
1834-PP-22 22" 22" .187" 4ft w/Coupling
1834-PP-26 26" 26" .187" 4ft w/Coupling
1834-PP-28 28" 28" .187" 4ft w/Coupling
1834-PP-30 30" 30" .187" 4ft w/Coupling


Details on Using CPVC Duct

CPVC is similar to PVC, but is actually treated with chlorine to create a more heat and chemical resistant material. CPVC is easy to cut and handle due to its rigid makeup. Joints are made by chemical fusion using special CPVC solvent cement. This makes installation much simpler than metal piping which requires heat welding. CPVC also has impressive fire resistant qualities - meaning it is very difficult to ignite. This may be especially useful in applications that require ignited heat sources or are prone to fire.

CPVC pipe and ductwork offers several benefits. The primary benefit is its resistance to corrosion and heat. It has excellent chemical resistance to common fluids, fumes and gases. It resists erosion from acids, bases and a range of solutions. For a duct system, CPVC is the most durable option. Even with this durability the unique CPVC material is easy to cut, so you can trim the pipe to the exact length you need for the project at hand. CPVC is also quite affordable, making an ideal choice when budget is a concern. All of these benefits combine to make these CPVC ducts the right choice for many projects, including chemical mixing, industrial applications and sewage needs. If you are in the market for CPVC ducts for your next project or repair, trust CIS to provide the right products for the job at an affordable price.

What Separates CPVC from PVC?

As mentioned before, CPVC goes through an extra chemical process that adds a tough layer or chlorination over the pipe. This coating fills up cracks and pores in pipe in addition to giving the material a much higher temperature tolerance. This is extremely important when using CPVC duct pipe to remove fumes from areas that are consistently kept at high temperatures. CPVC duct pipe will hold strong and get the job done while still costing less than sch. 80 CPVC pipe.

CPVC Duct Pipe Sizing

Like other types of PVC and CPVC pipe, this CPVC duct piping has a nominal naming system. This means that the size in the name does not mean the pipe is exactly that size. the 2" pipe has an OD (outer diameter) of 2.375", for example. because this is duct piping and not sch. 40 or sch. 80, it will not be compatible with those types of fittings. Duct piping must be connected to duct fittings. Luckily, we carry a wide stock of CPVC duct fittings! Check them out here.

The walls of CPVC duct pipe are very thin. They are designed this way so as to be lightweight and low cost. Less material = less money. You want duct piping to be lightweight because it will often be carried inside floors or walls. It is also often suspended with pipe stands or hangers, so weight is a huge consideration. The thin walls also mean more space inside the pipe to carry fumes, gases, exhaust, or other things that need to travel through a duct. When using CPVC duct piping in a ventilation system, the most important thing is that the substance you want traveling through the pipe gets taken away quickly and efficiently.

How to Order

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