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Industrial Liquid Filter Cartridges

Looking for a specific type of liquid filtration cartridge? Commercial Industrial Supply can help you find the exact cartridge you need. We stock industrial filter cartridges from the best brands in the industry. If you can't find what you need, speak with one of our knowledgeable product experts. Call 866-777-8001.

Filter cartridges come in various sizes. materials, and designs to suit the needs of different applications. The cartridge you choose might depend upon your media, temperature, purity needs, flow rate, and more. Cartridges are widely used because they pack lots of surface area into a compact filter. They are usually disposable and have to be replaced every so often when the filter is full and causes pressure drop.

There are industrial filter cartridges for process application, but cartridges are also used on jobs as small as home drinking water filtration. Whether it's removing grit or carbon, cartridge filters offer an efficient and cost effective option when it comes to filtering liquid media. Three common filter cartridge constructions are pleated, would depth, and melt blown. Each has its own strengths and benefits, but they are also each best suited for certain types of filtration.

Choose from several of the top filtration brands in the industry. Our selection offers a complete line for any and all types of process filtration. For help finding the right filter for your job, give us a call at 866-777-8001 or submit an online quote form and we will follow up with you shortly.