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Cast Bronze Valves

Bronze is a metal alloy, consisting mainly of copper and tin, which has been in use for thousands of years. The reason for its lasting popularity is its many impressive attributes. Because of its copper content, bronze is uniquely suited to resisting corrosion from seawater and other corrosive media. It is a tough material that can only be shaped through casting and has a slightly porous surface. It can withstand high pressures and can be purchased with little to no lead content for potable applications. Click the thumbnails below to view the cast iron valves we carry by category.

In terms of cost, bronze is an economical option. Because it is such an old alloy and is composed of low-cost metals, bronze does not cost as much as other metals such as stainless or carbon steel. Cast bronze valves can handle moderately high pressures of 125-350psi depending on size and end type, so they are well-suited for a range of demanding applications. For more information on these products or any others, call us today at (866) 777-8001!