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Cast Bronze Ball Valves

Cast bronze ball valves incorporate a centuries-old metal allow into a modern valve. Cast bronze is a mixture of copper, tin, and sometimes lead and other metals which holds up exceptionally well in corrosive conditions. It is often used in instances when the valve will be exposed to sea water, as it has excellent corrosion resistance. Ball valves are a quarter-turn valve which use hollow ball to control flow. When the valve is in the open position, fluid is allowed to pass through the hollow center of the ball. But when the valve is closed, the ball's solid side stops flow. Ball valves do not take direction into account, so when they are open, fluid can pass either direction through the valve.

Titan BV 60-BZ Ball Valve
 Titan BV60 Cast Bronze Ball Valve Brand Model Body Material ASME/ANSI Valve Type
Titan BV 60-BZ Cast Bronze B16.15 Full Port
Size Range Seat Material Ball Material  

1/4" - 2"

Reinforced PTFE

Chrome-Plated Brass

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Our cast bronze ball valves are compact and tested up to 600psi WOG, so they will hold strong in the harshest conditions. These valves also have a full port design, which means the hole in the ball is as wide as the inner diameter of the valve. This design prevents any pressure loss that could occur due to the valve. We only carry valves by the top industrial equipment manufacturers, so you can be assured of the quality of the products you purchase from us. If you have any questions or would like to request a quote, call us at (866) 777-8001 or fill out our quote request form!