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Cast Iron Valves

For Commercial & Industrial Applications - Cast Iron Valves

Cast iron is one of the oldest materials in plumbing. It is an alloy consisting mainly of carbon and silicon. Cast iron is extremely strong and heat-resistant, which is why it is so commonly used in construction, piping, and other industrial settings. In a large factory setting, cast iron valves can be extremely valuable, as do not melt and create fumes like plastic valves/piping. The major issue with cast iron is its propensity to rust, but with regular cleaning and maintenance, rusting should not be an issue. Also, not all liquids will cause cast iron to rust.

Here at CIS, we carry cast iron valves of nearly every variety, from check valves to butterfly valves. May of our valves with cast iron bodies have seatings or discs made of stainless steel, aluminum, or other such materials. Cast iron is used for valve bodies because of its immense strength and pressure resistance. Unlike ductile iron, cast iron is brittle, so it cannot be bent or shaped differently than it was originally designed. For more information on our selection of cast iron valves or to receive a quote, call us at (866) 777-8001.