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Cast Iron Butterfly Valves

Manual or Electronic Butterfly Valves for Industrial Use

Butterfly valves are a regulating valve that can be actuated for precise control. They get their name from the design of the valve seating, which consists of a disc which rotates around a central stem. This page features Titan's cast iron butterfly valves. Wafer style butterfly valves are built to maintain a seal against pressure from both directions and prevent backflow in systems meant for single direction flow. This style makes a tight seal with a gasket, o-right, and flat faces on both sides of the valve. Lug style butterfly valves use a series of bolts with no nuts that screw in from both sides of the valve from flanges in the pipeline. This allows either side to be disconnected without disturbing the connections on the other side.

Titan BF 75-CI Butterfly Valve
 Titan BF75-CI Butterfly Valve Brand Model Body Material ANSI Class Valve Type
Titan BF 75-CI Cast Iron A126
Gr. B
125 Wafer Style
Size Range Seat Material Disc Material  

2" (50mm) -
24" (600mm)


NP Ductile Iron,
Aluminum Bronze,
or Stainless Steel

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Butterfly valves are an ideal type of valve for actuating, as they have a small, 90-degree range of motion from opened to closed. They can be actuated to any degree in this range, allowing for precise control through manual and electric operation. Our cast iron butterfly valves feature mounting flanges, which can be used to mount practically any handle or actuator. Read the chart below for specifications on each of the valves in this category. For more information on any of our cast iron butterfly valves, feel free to contact us. Speak to one of our staff members by calling us at (866) 777-8001.