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Cast Iron Gear Operated Valves

At Commercial Industrial Supply, we aim to bring our customers the best products at the best prices. Here, you will find cast iron gear-operated (hand operated) valves. Our valves come in different sizes and disc materials, allowing you to choose the exact valve for your specific need. No matter what size or disc material you pick, one thing is guaranteed: a tight seal. Our cast-iron valves are all wafer style so that you never have to worry about their ability to successfully stop liquid or gas flow. Browse our selection of cast-iron, gear-operated valves below. Note, our pricing is wholesale!

Titan BF 75-CI Series

BF-75 Gear Operated


  •    Material: Cast Iron
  •    Sizes Available: 8" - 14"
  •    Body Style: Wafer
  •    Features: Easy-to-Turn Gear Wheel
  •    Titan BF 75-CI Spec Sheet


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Why Choose Cast Iron for Hand Operated Valves?

Cast iron is an alloy that is often referred to as gray iron. Made by combining iron, carbon, and sulfur or phosphorus, cast-iron has been known for hundreds of years to be a reliable material. Its high dampening qualities ensure that this material endures vibrations and its low ductility prevents it from cracking when bent. These qualities define this material and are the reason it has been used across a variety of industries for hundreds of years.

While cast iron is a sturdy, dependable material, it is still important that it gets used in the right capacity so that it can reach its maximum potential. This alloy works extremely well in industries like automotive and structural because the vibrations will not damage it. It is also able to withstand temperatures up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. There are industries where cast iron, gear-operated valves might not be the best option, though, such as the marine industry. By doing your research, you will guarantee that you choose the right valve and material that will work for you, which will save time and money. If you have questions about cast iron, gear-operated valves and how they will work in your industry, feel free to give us a call today!