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Ductile Iron Valves

Crack Resistant Valves for Commercial & Industrial Applications

Ductile iron is a more complex iron alloy than cast iron which consists of a mixture of carbon, silicon, manganese, magnesium, phosphorous, and Sulphur. These materials give it all the positive aspects of iron in addition to ductility. That means ductile iron can be bent and molded into different shapes and forms, whereas traditional cast iron is rigid and cracks if bent. In addition to strength and heat resistance, valves made from ductile iron will not easily crack due to their ductile material. Ductile iron can still rust, but it does so at a much slower rate than cast iron, so cleaning and maintenance does not need to occur as regularly.

Ductile iron valves are more expensive than cast iron valves, but the convenience and reliability they provide more than makes up for the cost.

CIS carries a range of ductile iron valves, including butterfly valves, swing check valves, and dual disc wafer check valves. Our range of ductile iron valves covers all the major valve varieties. For additional information on this specific type of product or for a product quote, call us at (866) 777-8001 or complete our Quote Request Form online.