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Ductile Iron Gear Operated Valves

At Commercial Industrial Supply, we offer a variety of products that have both broad and specific purposes. A material that leans more on the specific side is ductile iron. While it is not known to be the most adaptable material, it excels in those industries in which it is used. We offer ductile iron, gear-operated valves in many different sizes and disc materials but they all come in the lug style. Browse our selection of ductile iron, gear-operated valves below. Note the available sizes and spec sheet.

Titan BF 76-DI Series

BF-76 Gear Operated


  •    Material: Ductile
  •    Sizes Available: 8" - 14"
  •    Body Style: Lug
  •    Features: Easy-to-Turn Gear Wheel
  •    Titan BF 76-DI Spec Sheet


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Why Choose Ductile Iron for Gear Operation?

Ductile iron is also commonly referred to as nodular iron. It specializes in marine and underground pipeline systems, two industries where cast iron does not. Its ability to absorb heavy shock and vibration allows it to excel in these areas. Corrosion resistance also makes ductile iron, gear-operated valves irreplaceable in the marine and underground pipeline industries. In most cases regarding these two industries, ductile iron is the obvious choice, even above cast iron. Ductile iron is also able to deal with higher temperatures, withstanding up to 650 degrees Fahrenheit compared to cast iron’s 450. The one area where ductile iron struggles, however, is dampening. For the industries that is specializes in, though, ductile iron is the perfect fit!

Unlike cast iron, ductile iron is a relatively young alloy. It was first created in 1943 to makeup for some of the problems that cast iron and other materials couldn’t fix. This material is much more elastic than cast iron which prevents breaking. Ductile iron’s flexibility is a trait that many industries desperately need and so, this alloy is the perfect option for applications requiring tensile strength, yield strength, and elasticity. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about ductile iron, gear-operated valves and how they will work with your application!