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PVC Valves

Wholesale PVC Valves for Commercial & Industrial Applications

PVC offers a corrosion resistant option for a variety of industrial valve uses. From ball valves to butterfly valves, PVC material is often a low cost and durable choice for liquid flow control. Commercial Industrial Supply offers a variety of valve types in PVC material (both dark gray and white options). Choose your size, seal material, and special features like locking handles or true union design. Contact us today for pricing and availability. We supply industrial valves to companies around the world for applications ranging from brewing to wastewater.

PVC Valve Features & Benefits

  • Ball, check, butterfly, gate valves & more! • Corrosion and chemical resistant
  • Lightweight and easy to install • Huge stock of true union valves!
  • Maximum Operating Temp of 140°F • Standards ASTM D1784 PVC
  • Spears, Cepex, Hayward, Asahi, & Generic Discount Valves!  

Industrial Applications

PVC is an ideal choice for many industrial applications. The rigid material is resistant to a number of harsh chemicals and also resists corrosion - which can be an issue with metal parts. PVC valves come in both socket and threaded (female) style end connections. They range in size depending on the valve type and brand. We carry valves that range from 1/2" to 10" in size and beyond!

Types of Valves

Different styles of PVC valves are beneficial for different uses. For instance, a PVC true union ball valve is great for applications that require on and off functionality. True union (also known as double union) valves are great because they can be taken apart for cleaning and repairs without damaging or altering the pipe line! For this reason, they are one of the more popular PVC valve types for industrial use. A few other are check valves, gate valves, and butterfly valves.

We get calls about using our PVC ball valves for all types of applications. These include everything from backyard ponds and pools to huge industrial plant jobs. The truth is, there is a PVC ball valve for almost every liquid on/off application. They are that resilient and adaptable. Ready to order? We have the BEST ball valve pricing available. Give us a call or submit a quote request form online today.

Get pricing and availability on any PVC ball valve model. Contact us today with an online quote request or call 866-777-8001