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PVC Ball Valves

PVC ball valves are commonly used in landscaping applications, when the ability to turn the flow on and off quickly with a watertight seal is important. They are also well suited for use in water treatment, life science, food and beverage industries, measurement and control functions, non-critical chemical applications, pools and laboratories.

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Ball valves direct water flow along a straight axis. A ball inside the valve that contains a hole through the center rotates 90 degrees with the turn of the valve handle. The PTFE seats keep the ball lubricated while also maintaining a watertight seal inside the valve when it is in the “off” position. When the valve is in the open position, liquid flows through with a minimal drop in pressure, because the port in the ball is a similar size to the inside diameter of the pipe.

Ball valves are available in a range of materials, but PVC is considered the most durable option. PVC is erosion and corrosion proof, making it ideal for chemical applications. PVC is quite pressure resistant, able to withstand pressures of up to 1,000 bars, and because of this these valves can be used in high-pressure situations. These valves are maintenance free, rust proof and can withstand years of disuse while still providing full functionality when needed. Their durability allows them to withstand temperatures as high as 485 degrees.

PVC ball valves range in size from 0.2 inches to 11.8 inches and come in five main styles, including three-piece valves, split body options, top entry, welded and single body units. In addition, they can have true union or three-way specialty designs. True union PVC ball valves are valves that allow for the removal of the carrier of the valve, without removing the entire valve from the pipe system, making maintenance and repair simple. Three-way valves are designed to allow the mixing of two different fluids, such as fertilizer and water, into one stream. Regardless of the type chosen, these PVC ball valves are designed to withstand years of use and deliver a solid performance every time.

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