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PVC Check Valves

PVC check valves are used to release pressure from a pressured system and to prevent backflow within the system. PVC check valves are available in true union ball check, wafer check and swing check designs. These valves are vital to systems where backflow could damage expensive equipment like filters and pumps. PVC check valves are quite affordable and can be easily repaired and cleaned. The elements inside the valve can often be replaced to avoid replacing the entire valve if and when failure occurs.

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Additional Information on PVC Check Valves

A PVC true union ball check valve uses a ball to turn flow on and off when pressure gets to a certain point. The ball, typically made from metal or ruby, can be spring loaded, allowing the pressure in the system to push the ball into the stop position when needed. In non-spring loaded models, reverse flow will push the ball into the seal position, stopping backflow. These small and affordable valves are ideal for microelectronics, water treatment, cooling processes and chemical processing.

Wafer check valves, also known as dual plate check valves, are ideal for situations where minimal opening time is important. They have two plates that work together to stop flow, which eliminates the amount of time flow can occur. Wafer check valves work automatically to stop flow when the pressure reaches the right point, and they are easily installed and removed in the field with minimal down time.

A swing check valve has a disk that swings on a hinge to block reverse flow. Like wafer and ball check valves, the swing check valve works automatically. Swing check valves come in a range of sizes, but they are typically used in applications that require a larger valve size because the large design lends itself well to the swing check valve. The flapper valve in a toilet is a swing PVC check valve, and it operates automatically by the pressure in the tank until someone opens it manually. In addition to waste water management and sanitary drainage systems, these valves can be used in firefighting and fire safety systems.