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CPVC Duct Fittings

Wholesale CPVC Duct Fittings

CPVC duct is useful for applications requiring non-corrosive material that can handle temperatures up to 200 degrees Fahrenheit. CPVC duct is also known for its fire resistant properties – making it ideal in high-risk laboratory or industrial situations. When using CPVC duct and fittings, be sure all parts are of the same CPVC material makeup and wall thickness. Proper support and hanging is required to ensure safety. Can't find the fittings you need? Speak to our product experts today. They have decades of experience in the field and are ready to assist you in any way possible.



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CPVC Duct Fittings Types

Duct fittings come in several different types and a range of sizes. Like standard CPVC pipe and fitting systems, CPVC duct has its own line of fittings. The fittings are combined with duct pipe to create complete exhaust, fume, or drainage systems. Duct pipe and fittings have a fairly thin wall and are very lightweight. Engineers and contractors often choose CPVC for their duct due to its ability to handle higher temperatures than most plastics.

The various CPVC duct fitting styles available all serve a different purpose in creating a duct system. For instance: couplings join two pieces of duct pipe, elbows join duct at an angle to bend the line in another direction, tees join three pieces of duct for a duct pipe that needs to split off or where two duct lines converge. There are numerous types of fittings, some of which are specifically designed for duct applications. Rain caps are one of these specialized types. Blastgates are also unique to duct lines and are not generally used a standard pipe line. Unlike CPVC pipe materials, duct is designed for exhaust, fume and drainage uses, not pressurized liquids.