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Apollo Valves was founded in 1928 as Conbraco Industries, Inc. and have always made their products in the USA. While originally only manufacturing brass valves and fittings, they have constantly expanded and developed their product lines. Apollo has always been known for innovation in the industry. The Apollo Series 70 ball valve, introduced in 1968, filled a gap in the market and became the most sought-after ball valve in the world. Trustworthy, well-made, and innovative products have become a staple of Apollo Valveā€™s business model.

Apollo produces metal valves of every variety for any application you can imagine. Their ball valves alone are available in brass, bronze, carbon steel, certified lead free, duplex stainless steel, iron, special alloy, stainless steel, and super duplex stainless steel. Their product categories include actuators, automatic control valves, balancing valves, butterfly valves, gates, medical gas valves, needle valves, pipeline strainers, PUSH valves/fittings, safety relief valves, and more. With so many reliable products for such a wide breadth of purposes, Apollo is an industry leader.

CIS now carries Apollo lead-free valves. These high-quality valves are available in 2-piece, 3-piece, flanged, railcar, and union end varieties. Lead-free valves are necessary in liquids are kept pure in potable fluid services. Even in non-potable applications, lead-free valves are often necessary due to Federal and State lead level requirements. Make sure you are manufacturing to the highest standards with American-made Apollo Valves.