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Wholesale Industrial Valves

PVC, CPVC, brass, and stainless steel valves serve a wide range of functions. From home plumbing to landscaping and even firefighting, these valves stop and start the flow of liquids and gases when needed in a wide range of systems. From small systems to large, high-pressure systems, all pipe systems need a way to shut off or redirect flow. CIS carries a wide range of valves in all types and sizes. See our selection by browsing the categories below.

Ball Valves

...which are common in landscaping, use a ball to create a watertight seal when turning off the flow. These valves can be true union or three-way ball style valves. One benefit of this type of valve is the fact that it does not impact the pressure. When the valve is open, the liquid flows through unhindered. When the valve is closed, the ball creates a watertight seal.

Gate Valves

...are another option. These have a gate that opens or closes fully, stopping flow to one area of the system without needing to drain the entire system. These are commonly used in landscaping and irrigation, where stopping flow without a full system drain is preferred.

Check Valves

...are used with systems where back flow is a problem. They can release pressure without creating backflow. They are preferred in many applications because of their ease of installation and replacement as well as their affordability.

Butterfly Valves

...are yet another type of PVC / CPVC valve. These regulate flow similar to a ball valve, with the option for a quick shut off when needed. More affordable and lighter weight than a ball valve, these are chosen when budget or weight restrictions dictate the buying choices.

Diaphragm Valve

...These can either shut off or throttle the flow of both gases and liquids. Diaphragm valves are often used in food and beverage applications, as well as pharmaceuticals and water treatment.

The PVC and CPVC used to make each one of these different types of valves is quite durable. It resists both heat and the elements, which makes it ideal for outdoor applications or applications involving high temperature liquids. It also resists corrosion, so these valves can work well in chemical processing. This durability combined with the affordability of these products make them widely used in many different fields.