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3 Piece Ball Valves

We offer many different models of Flo-Tite 3-piece ball valves. The 3-piece design allows for easy maintenance and cleaning, as well as greater customization. Ball valves are often used in high-pressure applications, often involving oil or gas. Flo-Tite’s 3-piece ball valves are available with threaded and non-threaded ends, depending on the model. Many models allow the use of actuation systems for customizable automation. Material types, pressure ratings, and temperature ratings vary for each model. Read the bottom of the page for more information on any specific valve series.

Tri-Star Series Ball Valve

The Tri-Star series of full pore ball valves are an economical, but effective, choice. They are available in four different models; two in 316SS and two in WCB. These valves are rated for 1500psi CWP and 150psi SWP and have a fire safe design. A few notable features of this valve include standard reinforced PTFE seats/seals, swing-out body for ease of maintenance, blowout-proof stem, and a safety locking handle.

Multi-Choice Series Ball Valve

Flo-Tite’s unique Multi-Choice series includes both 316SS and WCB models. Sizes ¼” to 2-1/2” have a pressure rating of 1500psi WOG and sizes 3” to 4” have a pressure rating of 1250psi WOG. This 3-piece full port ball valve series gives you 10 different end cap options, so it is compatible with virtually any system. Cap screws are used to ensure alignment of valve center body to end caps is precise. The Multi-Choice series has over 36 years of performance history.

Multi-Choice with Weld-In-Place Design

Flo-Tite also manufactures their Multi-Choice series with Weld-In-Place design. This eliminates valve disassembly when welded ball valves are required. This unique design makes for safer and easier installation, reduced liability, saved time, and reduced labor cost. Sizes ½” – 2-1/2” are rated for 1500psi WOG / 150psi WSP. Sizes 3” – 4” are rated for 1250psi WOG / 150psi WSP. These valves offer the advantage of having integral extended end caps with heat sink rings. They have radiator-like grooves cast into the outer diameter which creates an increased surface area for heat to dissipate upon.

PRO-MAX Series Ball Valves

Flo-Tite’s Multi-Choice series PRO-MAX valves are available in full and standard bore body designs. These valves feature a 3-piece body design, fire safe API 607, threaded or socket ends, and sizes ½” to 2”. Pressure ratings range from 1500psi to 2000psi depending on size, 150psi SWP across the board. They also have an ISO 5211 mounting pad which provides for precise shaft alignment. The improved seat material extends cycle life and reduces torque. This makes PRO-MAX ball valves ideal for actuation, and a wide range of automation systems are available.

Tri-Pro Series Ball Valves

Tri-Pro series valves are 3-piece high performance fire safe valves available in full and reduced bore body styles. The full models are available in sizes ¼” – 4” and the reduced models are available in sizes ½” – 4”. Both full and reduced models have pressure ratings from 2250psi WOG to 3000psi WOG. Tri-Pro valves are able to handle extreme pressure and temperature shock, resistance to abrasion and ware, and a superior stem seal design. These tough valves can even handle thermal fluid and super-heated steam.

Titan Series Ball Valves

Titan series valves are engineered for high pressure, severe service applications. These are the toughest 3-piece ball valves Flo-Tite manufactures, ideal for steam, hydraulic, and petrochemical applications. This series has a pressure rating of up to 5000psi WOG, and is available with a variety of different ends, including NPT, socket, and butt weld. Protected seat and encapsulated body seal design isolates and protects both seats and seals from the flow path. The blowout-proof stem design lockable handles make these high pressure valves even tougher.

High Purity Ball Valves

The Multi-Choice High Purity series contains 3-piece true bore ball valves with extended tube or clamp ends. These series has the same proven design as our industrial valves, but has been specifically designed for the sanitary market. The High Purity series is available in sizes ½”-4” and are rated for 1000psi WOG and 150psi WSP. These ball valves offer a high finish and are designed with a true bore port design, which eliminates pooling traces of media and improves flow for greater efficiency. These valves are easy to maintain with their clean-in-lace design. The safety lock handle prevents accidental movement of valve handles.

Econo-Groove Series Ball Valves

Flo-Tite’s Econo-Groove series are 3-piece stainless steel full port ball valves with grooved ends. The grooved end connections are used to quickly join mechanical pipes together. These valves are available in sizes 1-1/2” – 6” and can handle a wide range of temperatures (-20 F – 400 F). The RTFE or TFM seats provide a pressure rating of 1000psi WOG. End connections can be combined to meet any special requests. Design advantages of the Econo-Groove series include an ISO 5211 mounting pad, 3-piece swing-out design, and a blowout-proof stem. Applications include HVAC, plumbing, fire protection, waste water, mining, and more.