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Hayward Flow Control

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Hayward Flow Control was one of the first manufactures to design thermoplastic ball valves and has always been a leader in innovation. Hayward now has dozens of product lines, manufacturing valves, filters, instrumentation, and more. We are proud to partner with an industry-leading thermoplastic flow control manufacturer. With a reputation for precision manufacturing, innovative product design, and customer satisfaction, Hayward is a manufacturer that focuses on you. We sell all lines of Hayward Flow Control products; call us at (866) 777-8001 to discuss options and pricing. Click the links below for detailed product information by category.


Hayward Flow Control Applications

• Water Treatment • Irrigation Systems
• Wastewater Treatment • Pulp & Paper
• Chemical Processing • Landfill Service
• Clean Water Technology • Marine Environments
• Commercial Plumbing • Corrosive Media
• Water Parks & Features • Metal Finishing
• General Processing • Plating
• Aquarium & Zoo Service • Swimming Pools


Why Choose Hayward's Industrial Products

Hayward Warranty Standards

Hayward is know for their reliability and quality. All Hayward valves are designed with state-of-the-art equipment that provide accurate stress analysis for all products. This allows their valves to be unaffected by pressure and prolonged operation. Hayward backs this up with a 2 Year Warranty on all valves!