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Eaton Basket (Pipe) Strainers

Eaton Filtration Industrial Basket Strainers

Simplex, Duplex, Y, Fabricated, Temporary & More

Commercial Industrial Supply is an Official Eaton Filtration Distributor - one of few in the United States. We have worked with Eaton's Filtration division for years, and are able to offer the full line of manual pipeline strainers, replacement parts and more. Eaton basket strainers come in two types: simplex and duplex. We carry models 72, 30R, 73 straight flow, 72L Tefzel plastic lined, 72SJ steam jacket, 510 multi-basket, 53 BTX up to 4 inches, 50 5-8 inch, 52 10-18 inch, and 570 multi basket 8-24 inch. See the full specs and details of each model by clicking one of the models below. Contact us today to place an order or get a quick price quote.

Note that we don't have all our strainers inventoried, including self-cleaning & Fabricated. If you need a strainer not listed, complete the quote request form or call 866-777-8001.

Eaton Simplex Basket Strainers


Eaton Duplex Basket Strainers


Eaton Y Strainers


Eaton Temporary Strainers

CIS is proud to offer Eaton Filtration (and Hayward) brand strainers, the premiere name in industrial filtration. We carry an entire line of pipeline strainers – including Simplex and Duplex Basket Strainers, Y-Strainers, and Fabricated Strainers. These are used for commercial and industrial applications that require removal of solids and debris from pipeline flow. We have a huge selection of sizes and models to choose from. Pair that with our one-of-a-kind customer service, and you are sure to get just what you need for your piping system.

Strainer Applications:      
  • Wastewater • Spray Nozzle Systems • Deep Well Injection
  • Heat Exchanger Protection • Cooling Towers • Descaling Systems
  • Boiler Feed Water • Machining Fluids • Lube Oil Systems
  • Irrigation • Paper Coating • Refining



Basket strainers get their name from the basket that collects debris from the pipeline. These baskets can be removed easily to discard waste and keep a pipeline functioning properly. There are two main types of basket strainers: Simplex and Duplex. Simplex strainers have only one basket and require shutdown of the line for basket removal. Duplex strainers have two baskets and allow for flow to continue through one basket while the other is being emptied. A diverter is installed in the strainer which moves flow from one side to another when a basket is full. Perfect for applications where frequent pipeline shutdown is not possible.


Authorized Eaton DistributorWhy buy from Commercial Industrial Supply? We work closely with Eaton's Filtration division to provide the very best support and technical assistance. As an Authorized Eaton Distributor, you can be sure you are getting authentic Eaton brand filtration equipment every time. Plus, at CIS we pride ourselves on have the lowest prices among our competition. Get a quote on your strainer today and see the difference years of experience with Eaton Filtration systems can bring.